Sunday, December 14, 2008

spam poetry, part 1

This is a list of email subject headings I collected  in 2006 from over 5,500 junk emails. These messages accumulated in the inbox of a work email address that had no junk mail filtration whatsoever. Its the lowest variety of spam that's immediately filtered from one's mailbox with even the most rudimentary junk mail protection. I imagine the phrases are computer generated, and the word combos are intended to appeal to a random variety of potential fake Viagra customers (though according to Harper's, only 1 in every 12.5 million junk emails results in a sale). Though they're disastrously unsuccessful at selling fake Viagra, I think they are kind of amazing and hilarious.  
  • Your cash, off wheeler 
  • Your cash, oilcloth knife
  • Critter Wrath Lovely
  • Creepy...year old
  • Hi, ninth formed
  • Success, weasel word
  • Life, yard grass
  • Success, well-conned
  • Future, well-blessed
  • Life, wet-eyed
  • Hi, middy-blouse
  • Jaded elm
  • Hi, panic bar
  • Brutality Dividend
  • Hi, nose ring
  • Mental democratically
  • Proclamation ovation
  • Your cash, muse haunted
  • Fleshy popcorn
  • Your money, old gentlemanly
  • :) mush rot
  • your future, milk cooling
  • your future, orb weaver
  • your cash, oblong elliptical
  • ocean sundered
  • callously red-eye
  • hi, one ribbed!
  • Your money, pale broomrape

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